Citek organizes Citek Trip 2023 and celebrates Citek's 7th birthday (April 26, 2016 - April 26, 2023)

On April 20 - 22, 2023, Citekers in the South and North together experienced the Citek trip 2023 journey in Ninh Thuan with many unforgettable emotions. Here, the Citekers together conquered the trekking journey through the forest with a distance of more than 10Km in Nui Chua National Park - Vinh Hy in extremely hot weather.
Citeker took souvenir photos before the trip

On the trekking journey, all Citekers united together to overcome the difficult roads, conquered the top of Da Do mountain and reached the finish line safely. The gift for the joy of victory for the Citekers was an emotional night, gathering under the campfire. The Citekers were "brought closer together" through songs, music, and happy and sad stories told to each other after the challenging trekking journey.

Citek check-in at the top of Da Do mountain
Citeker gathered around the campfire

On this occasion, Citek also celebrates the 7th birthday milestone (April 26, 2016 - April 26, 2023) through the Gala Dinner program with many fiery performances and interesting connection games.

Citek leaders cut the cake to celebrate Citek's 7th birthday


For each Citeker, Citek Trip 2023 is not only an annual event according to Citek's welfare policy, but it is truly an emotional, experiential journey. Connecting team spirit and connecting company cultural values.

Thank you Citekers for participating and becoming an indispensable "quantum" in the Citek family. Wishing Citekers after the trip, they will be given a new source of energy for the journey ahead, creating great achievements.

Some outstanding images from the recent journey:

Citeker on the trekking journey

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We were lucky to choose Citek so we successfully converted the ERP management system. I see in you the dedication and commitment, which is a great encouragement and energizes me, from which I inspire Loc Troi in terms of working attitude, responsibility and working style.

Mr. Huynh Van Thon

Mr. Huynh Van Thon

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