Ebook IFRS ACCELERATE: Ready for IFRS conversion and adoption

IFRS is International Financial Reporting Standards applied in more than 144 countries and territories with 27,000 businesses listed on 88 stock exchanges.

Applying IFRS is a trend and brings many benefits to businesses: increasing transparency, improving information quality, expanding domestic and foreign investment cooperation opportunities, and improving the quality of corporate governance. . Currently, although it has not yet reached the mandatory application stage, many businesses in Vietnam have gradually converted to applying IFRS and VAS in parallel. Pioneering in converting from VAS to IFRS will help businesses be better prepared and more proactive in their capital and business strategies.

This set of documents has been shared by Citek to more than 200 CFOs, Chief Accountants, CIOs, Internal Auditors, members of the Supervisory Board,... medium and large enterprises within the framework of the IFRS Accelerate event in Ho Chi Minh City. and Hanoi.

Citek hopes that through this document, you can better understand the trends, benefits and roadmap for converting and applying IFRS.

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We were lucky to choose Citek so we successfully converted the ERP management system. I see in you the dedication and commitment, which is a great encouragement and energizes me, from which I inspire Loc Troi in terms of working attitude, responsibility and working style.

Mr. Huynh Van Thon

Mr. Huynh Van Thon

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Loc Troi Group