Value brought to businesses when choosing Citek's ERP system Maintenance and Operational Support service

  • Save time and resources: Using ERP system maintenance services helps businesses save time and resources in learning, deploying and managing system maintenance independently. This allows businesses to focus on core activities and improve business productivity.
  • Technology updates and continuous improvements: Citek not only helps businesses maintain their current SAP ERP system but also provides new technology updates and continuous improvements. This helps businesses access the latest features and capabilities of SAP ERP, improve performance and get the most out of their system.
  • Companion strategy, updated and introduced new technology solutions, helping businesses have a roadmap for technology application and operational improvement.

Citek's strengths are in ERP system maintenance and operation support

  • Experienced consulting team with outstanding consulting and management capabilities, knowledgeable about industry-specific solutions, operations, ERP system solutions and customer requirements, has implemented 800 + successful digital transformation project.
  • In-depth professional and technical support: Citek has experience in providing ERP system maintenance services. With a team of experienced consultants and technical experts, Citek can provide in-depth support in resolving technical problems, errors and system optimization, helping businesses operate ERP. efficient and stable.
  • Citek experts will perform routine maintenance activities, check systems, optimize performance and solve problems as soon as they appear, ensuring that businesses do not encounter problems and interruptions during system operation.
  • Have a system and method for working with customers to record support requests, measure processing time as well as evaluate the quality of support on each ticket.
Citek's strengths are in ERP system maintenance and operation support

The importance of ERP system Support and Maintenance from Citek

  • The system is always ready and ensures smooth production and business activities.
  • Helps businesses promptly handle problems that arise during operations and close books to have timely data.
  • ERP system maintenance service from partner Citek helps businesses ensure the system always operates stably, receive in-depth technical support, respond quickly, save time and resources, and also such as accessing new technology and continuous improvement.

We were lucky to choose Citek so we successfully converted the ERP management system. I see in you the dedication and commitment, which is a great encouragement and energizes me, from which I inspire Loc Troi in terms of working attitude, responsibility and working style.

Mr. Huynh Van Thon

Mr. Huynh Van Thon

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Loc Troi Group