Citek participates in the 7th 2030 Business Olympic Cross-Country Race - 2022 ️

On December 4, more than 50 Citek employees participated in the Business Cross Country Run at New City Residential Area. This is a professional running tournament within the framework of the 7th Businessmen's Sports Congress - Olympic 2030, organized by the 2030 Businessmen Club in conjunction with the Department of Culture and Sports.
Citek team participates in the Business Cross Country Run organized by the 2030 Business Club

The Cross Country Running Tournament is held annually with the mission of enhancing the spirit of sportsmanship, increasing exchanges and connections between organizations and communities, and aiming to become a sports festival for business people on a large scale. country.

Accompanying the 2030 Business Club and aiming to spread the message of exercising for a happy life while contributing to society, the Citek team has registered to participate in the running tournament. The Cross Country Run took place extremely exciting and passionate with the participation of more than 600 athletes participating in the competition, in which, Citek collective was one of the two organizations with the largest number of participants at the race. this year.

Citeker runs with great enthusiasm

With high enthusiasm, Citekers were present on every race offered, from 5km, 10km to 21km and successfully completed the race, with a total distance of more than 450 km. Combined with Citek RUN's internal activities, Citekers not only have the opportunity to exercise but also contribute 2,000 VND to the company's charity fund, serving community responsibility programs organized by Citek. position in the future.

Some other pictures at the running race:

The running tournament was organized with more than 600 athletes participating
Citker reached the finish line
Citeker reached the finish line and received a medal
Some Citekers run the 21km race
The atmosphere during the run was quite comfortable, it was cool and there was little sunshine
Citeker took souvenir photos after the race

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Mr. Huynh Van Thon

Mr. Huynh Van Thon

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