We always research, understand customer needs to provide a variety of services to suit different types of businesses

SAP Implementation

  • Consult and implement SAP Activate methodology combined with Citek’s successful practices.
  • Survey business model, development orientation and detailed management requirements and senior management.
  • Consulting on overall structure model.
  • Mindset training for management and core team to ensure effective application and exploitation of SAP system.
  • Process consulting, solution design analysis – Change management.
  • Building systems, collecting Master data.
  • Perform KeyUser training and system testing (UAT – User Acceptant Test).
  • Perform end user training (EndUsers).
  • Perform Master data conversion, opening balance and official operation.
  • Post-operation support, transfer training, warranty.

ERP Consulting Services

  • Evaluate business readiness before implementing ERP.
  • Assess the scale and propose scope of ERP application.
  • Build requirements documents for the ERP application system.
  • Prepare and build ERP project budget.
  • Consult project organization and preparation resources for project implementation.
  • Supervision consultancy and implementation.

SAP Training

  • BASIS training
  • ABAP training
  • Functional Training / SAP ECC / SAP S / 4HANA
  • Training and operating SAP ERP / SAP S / 4HANA systems
  • Train and guide the control of SAP ERP / SAP S / 4HANA systems
  • Training on demand of businesses (from basic to advanced)
  • Design and implementation of SAP ERP training courses according to business requirements (from basic to advanced levels)


  • Consulting in accordance with the current Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS). These Vietnamese accounting standards are issued by the Ministry of Finance
  • Accounting standards are the rules, basic principles, guidelines that must be respected when performing accounting jobs and when presenting information in financial statements so as to ensure transparency of financial statements.

ERP Audit & Health check Services

  • Evaluate operating procedures (Processes).
  • Evaluate decentralization of operations (Roles).
  • Evaluation of operating system (Hardware – Database – Backup).
  • Evaluate of operating report system (Report Analysis).

ERP upgrades & Technical Services

  • Upgrade to new versions (New version – functionalities)
  • Consult and agree on the process according to the new version.
  • Building the system according to new process.
  • Convert data according to new process.
  • Training how to put the system into operation.

SAP Maintenance & Support

  • Perform periodic check of SAP ERP system by day, week, month…
  • Support and guide users to handle issues during system operation.
  • Consulting handle arising transactions.
  • Warning similar errors that occur to improve system performance.

IoT – Internet of Things

  • Internet of Things (IoT) concept works only to connect all devices together, creating a data transmission network and controlling devices to perform certain tasks.
  • The IoT era has exploded in recent years and is predicted to be the future of mankind because of its superior intelligence, high customization, and vast connectivity.



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