Gia Hoa Go live SAP S/4HANA & Citek Mobile Apps For Dealers

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Gia Hoa has applied The ERP management solution – No.1 in the world called that SAP S/4HANA & CITEK Mobile Apps For Dealers, towards digital enterprises in management and administration.

On August 1st, 2019, Gia Hoa Co., Ltd. has officially launched the  Enterprise Resource Systems SAP S/4HANA that integrated with CITEK Mobile Apps For Dealers solution to manage all in-store and company business activities.

Gia Hoa Go live SAP S/4HANA & Citek Mobile Apps For Dealers

SAP S/4HANA is the Germany No. 1 ERP solution in the world that is considered as a support tool for digital transformation for enterprises. This is also a lever to help businesses turning resources into main powers and solving the problem of sustainable development.

Citek Mobile Apps For Dealers is a total solution that implements all in-store business quickly, accurately, conveniently, and data integration between departments. Mobile Apps users will be repair and warranty service receiving staff, sales staffs, chief technicians, warehouse managers, cashiers, car handover departments to customers, and teams related to the ” registration documents ” process and finishing a set of documents to handover customers to get the “Vehicle Registration Certificate”.

Business strategy must go hand in hand with the strategy of applying technology in management and administration. Therefore, Gia Hoa’s executive board has found and selected SAP S/4HANA – CITEK Mobile Apps For Dealers solution to build advanced management processes, link and integrate centrally to operate the business more efficiently on the same connection: People – System – Process.

At the official operation ceremony,  Mr. Huynh Ngoc Tri  –General Director of Gia Hoa said that “The modern management system application SAP S/4HANA and Mobile Apps For Dealers are the high determination of the executive board in connecting the departments working together on a  central system in realtime,  that helps managers to have information quickly and accurately in the management of the company, this system also helps Gia Hoa to expand new business activities easily in the future”.

Mr. Pham Quang Chien – Implementation Director of CITEK said that “Operating SAP S/4HANA and Mobile Apps For Dealers system are the best conditions to complete the workflow and improve operational efficiency, help the departments work connectly and can interact in real-time to create connection and sharing in Digital Businesses. Applying technology also helps  Gia  Hoa to create a new way of working, towards a simple – fast – efficient workflow,  thereby having more time and resources to serve customers better”.

SAP S/4HANA & CITEK Mobile Apps For Dealers are not only a merely software but also a means of creating a successful experience with a digital solution that helps businesses to success in the digital

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