Citek announces new Corporation Identify Program (CIP) from 15/07/2020

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Dear Valued Customers and Partners!

First of all, Citek Technology Joint Stock Company would like to send sincerely thanks to customers and partners who have trusted to cooperate and accompany Citek during the past time!

Citek was established in 2016 – a combination of great ambitions, inner wills, and intense desires of the founders. Over more than four years of formation and rapid development with many proud achievements, all thanks to the continuous outstanding efforts of the whole Citek team:

  • August 2016:        Certified as an official SAP deployment consulting partner
  • August 2017:        Certified as a consulting partner to implement and distribute Cloud solutions of SAP
  • August 2018:        Certified as SAP S/4HANA License distribution partner
  • April 2019:            Establishment of Citek Hanoi
  • September 2019: CERTIFIED PCOE by SAP – representing SAP to provide Partner Center of Expertise service. At the same time, being certified in ensuring the transformation implementation of the SAP S/4HANA system
  • October 2019:      Officially became Gold Partner of SAP
  • December 2019:  Awarded “Fastest Growing Partner” by SAP. And more than 58+ customers and partners, who are large and reputable enterprises accompany and cooperate

With the mission to affirm why Citek was established, existed and dedicate:

  • Citek is a place to worth proud, worth dedicating, and we are a part of there
  • Citek helps customers to make exceptional, efficient, and sustainable improvements. And the visions that Citek aims to
  • Citek becomes the standard of innovative consulting that based on the power of technological knowledge
  • As the first and most suitable choice of customers and partners

All Citek Staff and Board of Directors strongly believe in core values:

  • “Keep a promise”
  • “Talk the talk walk the walk”
  • Thinking correctly to go long distances
  • Grateful
  • Bringing sustainable value to customers
  • Having each other like-minded, strongly motivated, loving, and respecting team

Citek would like to inform Valued Customers and Partners:

To show the spirit of the mission, vision, guiding principles of core values and determine in the realization of the 03-year strategy (2020-2022), beginning on July 15, 2020, Citek officially changed the new brand recognition system on the basis of both inheriting the existing value foundation and setting new goals and challenges on all operations in the new period.

Citek announces new Corporation Identify Program (CIP) from 15/07/2020


The Citek logo is inspired by the K.I.S.S language “Keep It Simple Stupid”, with peacock blue tones as a construction foundation, towards simplicity and standards. The arrow icon from the hexagonal block in the old logo and the lime green light blue are used as a successor detail.

Visually, the arrow helps the logo to have a movement view. Conceptually, the arrow that escapes from the framework of the Citek letter block, located at the highest point of Citek logo, shows a mind that is always ready to create new challenges in the new journey, breaking the limits, consistent with the motto of “dominate every day – improve every day”.

The launch of a new brand recognition system, changing the new office to affirm position, enhance potential and scale up operations of Citek. This is an important transformation, expressing Citek’s business orientation, cultural identity, and vision–development strategy.

Announcing a new Corporation Identify Program (CIP) with a different positioning to continue a new development way and this positioning will be a key point for all Citek internal and external activities, ensuring harmonious benefits for employees, customers, partners, shareholders, which to help in developing healthily and sustainably.

And in July 2020, Citek will officially open a new headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City at 10:00 am, July 30th, 2020 at the 10th Floor, Ha Do Airport Building, No. 2 Hong Ha, Ward 2, Tan Binh District.

Once again, Citek would like to sincerely thank our customers and partners that supported, cooperated for the success and sustainable development of the parties in the past time!