Citek and THIBIDI signed digital transformation consulting contract with the next-generation overall enterprise management solution (SAP S/4HANA)

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Citek and THIBIDI signed a digital transformation consulting contract with the next-generation overall enterprise management solution (SAP S/4HANA)

On July 16th, 2020, Citek Technology Joint Stock Company and Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company (THIBIDI) officially signed the contract and launched the overall digital transformation project based on the SAP S/4HANA solution platform.

After 6 months of searching for overall management solutions as well as partners, THIBIDI has decided to choose the next-generation SAP S/4HANA management solution and Citek is a companion partner to implement consulting and digital transformation for this project.

The system will be implemented by Citek for 10 months and officially operated from April 1st, 2021 with the scope: sales and distribution management; goods purchasing and warehouses; production; quality, maintenance; finance – accounting; management accounting and cost; integrated financial statements; loan administration; electronic invoices; barcode integration to make automatic import/export transactions.

Mr. Phan Ngoc Thao, General Director of THIBIDI said that: “In the present time, the decision to select and implement SAP S/4HANA management solution shows the strong determination of GELEX Electric group’s board of directors and member companies in applying the management system according to international standards with the experiences that have been successfully applied to many large enterprises in the world and in Vietnam. Centrally managed systems and corporate divisions will use the same connectivity processes and inherited data to help departments working quickly, efficiently, and accurately, as well as help leaders making quick decisions and increase their competitive advantage. Applying advanced and standard management solutions will help us to build a transparent and professional management platform and this is the foundation helping to consolidate our position firmly as the largest transformer manufacturer in Vietnam”.

Mr. Nguyen Cong Tan, General Director of Citek said that: “In the new reset again normal state, the board of director has steadfastly implemented the project according to the strategy and plan that developed to complete the solid management system for THIBIDI. And with the capacity, experience, and operational understanding of Vietnamese enterprises are committed by Citek, we will advise and make special improvement proposals to standardize the operating model and successfully implement digital transformation at THIBIDI”.

Citek has a team of experienced experts with the practice of successfully implementing overall management solutions for a variety of businesses in many different sizes. We have accumulated experience and successfully built the CSVision methodology.

With CSVision methodology, we help businesses to understand the roadmap and how to implement the overall management project in a simple, easy-to-implement way and ensure to implement the project successfully as planned. The most special and important feature in the CSVision methodology is that we advise businesses to restructure under an advanced management model to operate optimally on SAP systems and bring a high efficiency in management and administration.

Ban lãnh đạo THIBIDI, Citek, SAP cùng đối tác chúc mừng lễ khởi động dự án SAP S/4HANA
Leaders of THIBIDI, Citek, SAP, and partners congratulated the launching ceremony

Citek is also trusted by more than 58+ customers and partners who are large and reputable enterprises to accompany, cooperate and promote the strengths of each party in the cooperation and development strategy.

And in July 2020, Citek announced a new brand recognition system to serve their vision and development strategy in the near future. Positioning with a simple and standardized new brand recognition system will be a commanding point for all internal and external activities of Citek, ensuring long-term, sustainable and harmonious cooperation and development in interests for the parties.

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