Applying data collection solutions to seafood factories in Vietnam

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Nowdays , the application of RFID technology in management in production processes has become popular .For example, fashion apparel companies attach RFID tags to products during processing to instantly control production performance in the factory.

However, at seafood processing factories in Vietnam, the application of RFID technology is still quite new.Most factories from large to small scale use traditional manual methods: take notes in the books – transfer the books to the department of general statistics to re-enter data into computers/file excel .As a result, the data when coming to the manager / leader often has a huge time lag, the data has to be reconciled and adjusted many times, affecting the ability to make purchasing and coordination decisions. Data for orders, priority orders, payroll … which are inherently complicated operations in the seafood industry. At the same time, in addition to the general statistics group, the factory needs to maintain a strong statistical team at every stage of the manufacturing and processing process.

Applying data collection solutions to seafood factories in Vietnam

Requiring the collection of data from experts in an automated, highly immediate manner, reducing the number of specialized data statistics team, to shift to supplementing forces directly engaged in manufacturing and processing, Increasing production capacity … Is a difficult problem for managers in Vietnam’s seafood industry.

In the world, the application of RFID technology in seafood factories has been implemented for a long time. However, the application of these imported solutions for Vietnamese enterprises still faces many difficulties: development costs. The declaration is still very high compared to the investment cost space, with relatively diverse industry characteristics, it is impossible to impose a solution from foreign companies on domestic companies. In addition, the harsh environment in seafood factories is also a huge challenge for the solution makers. The device must ensure stable operation in this environment

Concerned with the seafood industry for many years, CITEK has worked with experts from many fields to research and come up with a data collection solution for the seafood industry.

The suite of solutions is the perfect integration between: RFID technology, electronic scales and specialized software for intuitive data management, real-time, online, fast and secure access.

Target of solutions: helping companies can aggregate immediate information on the status of processing output in stages (fillet – edit fish) with support costs to deploy the most appropriate, in order:

  • Reviews price productivity workers, production processes need statistical
  • Encourage timely workers’
  • Support for the calculation and payment of wages to quickly, accurately and objectively
  • Analyze norms, wastage processing
  • Reviews the price is made – recovered by each worker.

After collecting data, it allows real-time integration with human resource management software – salary to make input data for calculating workers’ wages by output

In addition, the system supports the production manager to immediately control the situation in the factory through the built-in reporting system.