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Citek’s mission is to help customers make exceptional, effective and sustainable improvements.


Citek becomes an innovative consulting standard based on the power of technology knowledge.
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We always strongly believe with

  • Promised must keep;
  • Say is to do;
  • Formal thinking to make long-way;
  • Bring sustainable value to customers;
  • Same mindset team, strong motivation, loving and cherishing each other;
  • Gratitude
About us


Let’s join us in the stages of building and development with the Citek’s team continuous efforts


  • Established Citek Cloud


  • Opening new office in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Rebranding with the new Logo & Brand Identity




Archive target 50+ customers
Fastest Growing Partner of SAP


SAP Gold partner


PCOE Certification


Established Citek Hanoi, Vietnam

In 2018

  • SAP VAR Partner
  • Growth rate: > 100%




  • Growth rate: ~300%


Expand office space


Became the first SAP BYD Partner in Vietnam



Became a SAP Partner


Established Citek Technology Joint Stock Company





    logo Minh Phú

    It's the right decision when we choose Citek Technology JSC as the operating partner supporting SAP ERP system. With the view of long-term cooperation, Citek has helped Minh Phu improve our operation, deploy solutions to expand and exploit SAP ERP system effectively

    Mr. Le Van Diep / Minh Phu Seafood Group
    Logo Eurowindow

    We highly appreciate the cooperation, professionalism, especially the diligence of Citek team, who passionately discussed with Eurowindow's leaders to come up with the best solutions. This is what makes the success of ERP project at Eurowindow as well as Citek

    Mr. Nguyen Canh Hong / CEO Eurowindow
    Logo Lộc Trời - Citek

    Our luck was to choose Citek, so we successfully transformed the ERP system. I see on Citek team having dedication and commitment. It is a great encouragement to energize me, and then I inspired to Loc Troi about the working attitude, style and responsibility.

    Mr. Huynh Van Thon / CEO Loc Troi Group
    About us

    After 2 years of implementing, the company executive board realized that having many benefits when apply SAP ERP for Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel. The biggest advantage is control of products and materials according to their characteristics easily, product quality monitoring and management, quality certification for semi-finishing products as well as finishing products at all levels. The system also helps businesses respond to unplanned situations or incidents, use production tools effectively to reduce costs and increase competitiveness. Hoa Phat Dung Quat is completing all functions. After applying effective SAP management system at Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel, the Group will do to other member companies.

    Excerpt from Annual Report 2020 / Hoa Phat Group
    logo Cadivi

    The number of invoices and documents have increased by 30%; sales have increased by 18% compared to the previous year, so fortunately, thanks to SAP that everything is still running well, if it was the past BFO, there was very sluggish and could not load. Thanks to SAP, in the context of working from home in both of April and May, we still run the company smoothly, if it was in the past, there wouldn't be possible.

    Ms. Duong Lieu Mai Khanh / CFO Cadivi